Wills and Trusts

Creating a personalized plan to determine who will assist you in the event of an illness and how your estate will be administered upon your death.

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About Wills & Trusts

A properly prepared comprehensive estate plan, which typically includes a revocable trust, powers of attorney, an advanced health care directive, and a will accomplishes many things. It establishes a plan for the management and care of yourself and your assets in the event of serious illness or death, it avoids probate, and it can minimize the amount of taxes owed by your estate upon your passing.

A well-drafted estate plan avoids the necessity and expense of going to court in the event of your incapacity or death, saving your loved ones valuable time and money. Additionally, unlike probate, the administration of a trust is generally private, meaning that your financial affairs as far as what you own, who you owe, and the identity of your beneficiaries are not part of a public court proceeding.

Further, in the event that you have minor children an estate plan allows you to identify the people you would like to have physical custody of your children and those people you would like to have manage your estate for your children if you are unable to do so yourself.

Through the creation of an estate plan you are preserving and securing the legacy you leave your loved ones, limiting their exposure to unnecessary taxes and obstacles which could prevent them from accessing the inheritance you intend to leave them.

How We Can Help

We can assist with the creation of the following items which may be part of your comprehensive estate plan:

How it Works

  • Complimentary Initial Consultation

    Please contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss creating an estate plan.

  • Personalized Planning

    During your consultation with an experienced attorney we will discuss a wide variety of options to fit your specific situation and goals.

  • Creation of a Comprehensive Plan

    Following your consultation we will create your estate plan which you can then sign and finalize in our office. We are also available for future consultations to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise with regards to your plan.

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